A Quick Guide on Back Pain- Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors and Solution

Guide on Back Pain

An achy back pain is undoubtedly one of the very last things that you would like to deal with- it’s way too uncomfortable! Though back pain is considered a common issue, keeping the concern unaddressed is never an option. The severity of your pain might vary- sometimes it’s easier to handle and other times it’s not. If home remedies like switching your sleeping positions or using new mattresses don’t come in handy, you probably need to book an appointment in a back pain relief centre in Swinton.
In this comprehensive guide related to back pain, we will discuss the causes, symptoms, and risk factors along with the solution. All you need to do is relax on your comfy couch and delve deeper.

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

The causes of back pain are numerous- we will keep it short, crisp and precise:
●  Lifting heavy objects without adhering to the proper techniques is one of the main reasons behind causing back strains and sprains.
● Do you tend to sleep on a mattress that’s not comfortable enough for you? Well, it not only disrupts your sleeping pattern but also adds to the back pain.
● A non-ergonomic set up in your office leads to poor sitting posture- another common reason that exposes you to dealing with back pain.
● Unpredictable events such as a car accident or injuries while playing sports often pose a serious threat to your tendons, muscles, and ligaments.
● Osteoarthritis ( a type of arthritis) is responsible for paving the way toward causing stiffness in your spine, inflammation, and back pain.
● Other medical conditions like kidney stones, osteoporosis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, and tumours result in severe back pain.
One interaction with professional pain relief specialists in Manchester can help you figure out the solution- it’s their years of experience in this field that matters the most.

What Are the Symptoms of Back Pain?

Now that we are aware of the multiple causes of back pain, let’s jot down the symptoms that shouldn’t be left unconfronted:
● Dealing with pain while bending your body or lifting some heavy objects.
● Continuous back pain that keeps on coming and going.
● The condition takes a worse turn especially when you stand, rest, or sit.
● Your feet and legs get prone to feeling weak and numb.
● Back pain slowly introduces itself to the hip, buttocks, and legs.
If you come across any of these symptoms, wait for a week or so and observe whether the given situation is getting better or not. Consistency of the back pain is not supposed to be entertained- catching up with your back pain physical therapist in Swinton is a must! Additional concerns such as unintended weight loss, trouble urinating, and fever due to back pain should be communicated to your physiotherapist immediately.

What Are the Risk Factors for Back Pain?

A study by Forbes suggests that 8 out of 10 people are most likely to deal with back pain. Have you wondered why this health concern is common among the lot? It’s because of the following risk factors:
● A not-so-well-balanced diet along with an inactive lifestyle often puts undue stress on your back. Keeping the possibilities of obesity at bay might help you combat back pain.
● Your fitness level contributes to causing back pain- your lack of consistency in exercising will only make way for more problems.
● If your job includes sitting at your desk for prolonged hours or lifting heavy objects, then yes, you might be at risk (not necessarily though).
● Age plays a pivotal role in causing back pain- people belonging to the age group of 45 or more are prone to such health issues.
● Mental health disorders like anxiety and depression are also responsible for the same.
A pain relief therapy in Swinton is no less than a boon for people suffering from back pain. While the process might look a bit intimidating in the first place, a physiotherapy session for pain relief is always worth it.

Back Pain Relief Physiotherapy- The Best Solution

It’s time to talk about the solution along with its benefits. Physiotherapy comes in handy when back pain is taken into consideration- these specialists examine the situation and recommend exercises that ultimately help you to slay the healing process. Below are some of the benefits of physiotherapy that you must be aware of:
● The Best Way to Decrease Pain
In a physiotherapy session, the healthcare provider will assist you in decreasing pain- they will observe your movement while you run, walk, lie down, or sit. Based on that, you will receive genuine and helpful exercise suggestions from their end. Chances are high that they will use electrical stimulation that restores proper functioning.
● Designed Specifically for You
A back pain relief physiotherapy in Manchester tailored specifically for you- the physiotherapists will assess your condition and design treatment measures accordingly. Some of the factors that contribute to ruling out your personalised care include your age, body type, lifestyle, movement, and other existing health conditions.
● Chances to Opt for Surgery Reduces Drastically
If you ever get exposed to back pain, opting for surgery should be your last option. Most of the time, these concerns get solved in pain relief physiotherapy sessions. It is a conservative approach that works just fine- you don’t need to go through a surgical process until and unless the case is extremely critical.
● Reduce Pain Through Joint Mobilisation
Medical issues like spinal compression and lower back pain can be dealt with using joint mobilisation methods. In this process, the physiotherapist will target certain pressure points and help you reduce pain and stiffness.
● Boosts Flexibility and Strength
Chronic back pain is responsible for body stiffness, pain, strength, and muscle tone loss. By adhering to physiotherapy sessions, the specialists will make sure to improve the mobility factor.
● Get Professional Advice from Experts
It’s important to state that physiotherapists are excellent sources from whom you can expect professional advice regarding lifestyle. Their thoughts on an active way of living will help you channel your strength and lead a good life.

Seek Professional Help from the Best

Whether you are looking for back pain or neck pain treatments in Manchester, we at AC Physiotherapy are here to guide you through thick and thin. Restore your faith in us- we promise to take care of your health without leaving any room for mistakes.